Using Digital Driver Licences

Say hello to your digital driver licence

Digital driver licences are now available for all Victorian full licence holders. To get yours through Service Victoria, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app and set up an account.

An easy and secure way to use your ID

A digital driver licence displays your official licence records on your mobile.

Digital licences protect your privacy. You have control over the level of personal information you share, based on whether police or businesses ask to:

  • check your full driver licence
  • confirm your address details, or
  • check you’re over 18.

The digital licence shows when the app last pulled your details from the Victorian Licensing Registry, so you know that your information is current.

How to show your licence

Many licence checkers will do a quick visual check of your digital licence. To show your licence:

  1. Select the most appropriate screen for the check taking place — age, identity, or licence
  2. Pull down on your screen to refresh
  3. Show the hologram
  4. Show the QR code if asked

The person checking your licence will line up the camera on their device to scan the QR code. If your licence is valid, your details will show up on their screen.

If someone needs to check your licence, don’t hand them your phone. Just tilt your screen towards them to show the details on your screen, or the QR code. You can enlarge the code by tapping on it if you need to. You can also adjust the brightness on your phone.

Frequently asked questions

Digital licences are rolling out across the state soon. To get one through Service Victoria, you’ll need to download the app through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Then you’ll need to create an account and log in. Be sure to turn on notifications so you can find out when they launch.

You can also get a digital driver licence through VicRoads, in the myVicRoads app.

Digital learner permits and probationary licences are coming later in the year. To start, digital licences will only be available for full licence holders.

When digital licences launch, only your full licence will show up. We’ll add learner permits and probationary licences later in the year, so you’ll be able to access everything in the app.

They’ll be available if you have them. All of your full and restricted licences will appear on your digital driver licence.

You can use your digital driver licence to prove your right to drive. You’ll also be able to use it as proof you’re over 18 at licensed venues. You can use it like your licence card at retailers, hotels, and anywhere you need to prove your identity. It might take a while for businesses to get set up to accept digital licences. Be sure to carry your physical card just in case.

TThere are 3 levels of info that you can share with your digital driver licence:

  • Full licence: This view shows info about your right to drive. You can share this view when you need to show police things like licence status, classes, or restrictions.
  • Identity: This shows your basic ID info — name and address.
  • Proof of age: This view shows that you’re over 18. It won’t show your exact age or date of birth.

Yes. When you use your digital licence, Service Victoria gets your info from the Victorian Licensing Registry and sends it straight to your phone. People who need to check your licence will do a visual check or scan a unique QR code that shows them real time information. This means it would be very hard for anyone to forge a digital driver licence. Because your details go straight to your phone, there’s nothing on our servers to put your info at risk.

Any details you change through VicRoads will show up on your digital licence.

People affected by family violence can contact the Department of Transport and Planning's Vulnerable Services Team at:

Phone: 1300 031 292


They can help you protect access to your driver licence information.

To add a digital driver licence to your Service Victoria wallet, you need to use your current address as shown on your licence. The Vulnerable Services Team can help you update your address if you need to.

Digital licences are a convenient tool that you can use just how you use your physical licence. But you need to keep your card handy as a backup. That way you’ll have your licence card if there’s bad reception or a technical problem. Also, at first some businesses might not be ready to use a digital licence.

Some people are legally required to carry their driver licence or learner permit when driving or in charge of a motor vehicle. This includes:

  • learner permit holders
  • probationary licence (P1 or P2) holders
  • driver licence holders, under the age of 26
  • driver licence holders whose licence is subject to an ‘E’, ‘I’ or ‘Z’ condition. This includes interstate licence or permit holders who are subject to an ‘I’ condition
  • driver licence holders when driving a vehicle listed below, beyond an 80km radius of the vehicle's normal place of business:
    • a bus,
    • a heavy vehicle
    • a light vehicle towing a heavy trailer

You’ll need to keep your licence current and renew it as you would normally.

The QR code connects to your records every time the code gets refreshed. Each code is unique and lasts 2 minutes. After that, you need to refresh again to update your information. This helps protect against fraud. To scan a QR Code, the business needs the matching app on their own device (either Service Victoria or myVicRoads app).

The hologram on a digital licence is similar to the one on a plastic card. If you tilt your phone side to side, you’ll see the image move and shimmer.

For now, digital licences need internet access to work. You’ll get an error if you or the person checking your licence can’t connect. If you check the connection and try to scan again it should work. If it doesn’t, you should show your physical licence or use another form of ID.

Other errors will tell you if your licence isn’t valid. You’ll get this kind of error for an expired, cancelled, or suspended licence. In that case, you’ll need to check the status of your licence with VicRoads.

Different businesses and agencies will have their own rules about accepting digital licences. It will take time for different businesses to put new systems in place. Some businesses, like Australia Post, are already rolling out ways to accept digital licences as ID.

All businesses can choose to ask for your physical card if they need to check ID.

Right now, there’s no way for you to share a copy of your digital licence. Businesses shouldn’t hold onto copies of your details unless they really need to. Keeping copies of this information is a fraud risk.

We don’t recommend that anyone shares screen shots of digital licences.

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