Find out how to apply for a Proof of Age card.

Wait time 3 to 4 weeks
What you need to do

First, get the form to apply from:

  • VicRoads branches
  • Australia Post branches
  • selected pharmacies and chemists

Next, you need to:

  1. get 2 original ID documents. 
  2. bring your form and original ID for witnessing to a person you've known at least 1 year who's enrolled to vote
  3. take your documents and sign your declaration before an authorised person
  4. bring your form and ID to an approved photo location (External link) to get a photo for your card
  5. lodge your form and pay $10
  6. wait for your card to arrive in 3 to 4 weeks
What you need to have

ID you can use to prove your age

You'll need 2 original ID documents – no copies.

One of these AND one of these
Full Australian birth certificate Driver licence or learner permit
Passport Security card
Naturalisation certificate Credit Card or bank passbook
Immigration papers Medicare card
 Citizenship papers  Shooters licence
   Student ID

Authorised persons

Take your form and ID to a:

  • Justice of the Peace
  • member of the Victoria Police force
  • chiropractor
  • dentist
  • legal practitioner
  • medical practitioner
  • optometrist
  • patent attorney
  • pharmacist
  • physiotherapist
  • psychologist
  • trademarks attorney
  • veterinary surgeon
  • commissioner for declarations
  • fellow member of the National Tax and Accountants’ Association Ltd
  • members of CPA Australia
How much is a Proof of Age card?


When can I apply?

From when you’re 17 years and 11 months old. But you can’t use your card until you turn 18.

What if there's a mistake on my card?

Go back to where you lodged your application and correct the details. They'll issue a new card, free. 

What happens if I lose or damage my card or need to update details?

If something happens to your card or your details change within 3 months of issue, contact Liquor Control Victoria for a new one. Replacement cards are $25. 

If your card's more than 3 months old, you’ll need to apply for a new one.

Will you update my electoral roll details when I apply for a Proof of Age card?

No. To update your electoral roll details contact the Victorian Electoral Commission (External link)

What’s an Australian Keypass?

An Australian Keypass (External link) is Australia Post’s photo ID alternative to a Proof of Age card.

A program of

Victoria State Government

In partnership with

Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission