Change your Working with Children Check from volunteer to employee.

This takes about 5 mins
Before you start
You need to
Be aware that
  • As soon as you finish this transaction, your current card will be cancelled and no longer valid. We’ll send you a new application number.
  • You’ll need to tell your organisations your volunteer card has been cancelled and you have a new application number. We will tell you if you need a new photo and how to upload one.
Your privacy
  • Make sure you provide accurate information as it’s the law.
  • Keep in mind, we’ll share what you give us with Working with Children Check Victoria so they can do your check.
  • Find out more in our privacy and security policy.
How you can pay
"" "" PayPal 
Check type Volunteer to employee
Volunteer to employee $123.20
Keep in mind
  • Once you’ve paid, the cost is non-refundable, even if you are exempt.
  • We’ll email you a tax invoice once you’ve paid.
How long will it take to process my check?

It can take from 3 to 12 weeks to process your check. You can check on the status while you wait.

Can I work while you process my check?

In many cases, you can. But in some circumstances, it is an offence to work without a valid Working with Children Check.

Doing child-related work while your application is processing (External link)

What happens to my volunteer card?

We cancel your volunteer card when you apply for your employee check. We’ll issue you a new number you can use for both paid and volunteer work. Dispose of your old card securely.

What can I update when I change from Volunteer to Employee?

You can update:

  • Where you live
  • Where you work or volunteer
  • Phone numbers
  • Email
What can’t I update when I change from Volunteer to Employee?

You can’t change your name or gender online so find out what to do at:

Where can I get help or find out more about the check?

Working with Children Check Victoria (External link) can help you or give you more information.

What acts or regulations relate to the Working with Children Check?

A range of different laws may apply, depending on your situation. You can check them here if you need to (External link).

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