Digital Driver Licence Announcement

The Service Victoria digital driver licence is coming

Victorian motorists will soon be able to add a digital driver licence to their smartphone, thanks to a pilot program being rolled out in Ballarat in July.

From next month, Ballarat locals will be able to sign-up for the pilot through the Service Victoria or VicRoads websites, and from July will be progressively invited to add a digital version of their licence to their phone.

The digital licence is more secure than a physical card version, as it can only be accessed through a PIN or biometric authentication. The licence will be updated in response to any changes, such as new licence conditions or a change of address. Digital licences will quickly reveal if a licence has been revoked or suspended but will still be available for use to show identity or that the customer is over 18.

The digital driver licence features a secure QR code which can be scanned to verify authenticity and prevent fraudulent use. Businesses, authorities and others will be able to check a licence is valid using their smartphone.

Privacy and security of personal information is the highest priority in the digital driver licence’s development.


A digital driver licence is an easy, convenient and secure way to verify your identity, provide your licence status or prove you are over 18. You can easily access your digital driver licence via Service Victoria or the myVicRoads app.

A digital driver licence offers Victorians an easy, secure and private way to access their licence from their phone. It can also help streamline the licence validation process for organisations like Victoria Police.

A digital driver licence protects privacy, helping Victorians choose the level of personal information they share, based on the requirements of the identity or age check taking place. The use of digital driver licence is a proven approach which has been trialled and successfully implemented in other Australian states.

It will be available either via Service Victoria or a new myVicRoads app, giving customers a simple and easy way to access their digital driver licence details and keep them secure.

Step 1: In June Ballarat residents with a driver licence can visit the Service Victoria or VicRoads website to sign up for the pilot.

Step 2: From July, people on the wait list will start to get an email. Follow the instructions and use the Service Victoria app or (soon-to-be-launched) MyVicRoads app to add your info.

Step 3: Follow the steps and your digital driver licence will be ready in your app. The process takes less than five mins.

Step 4: We’ll ask for feedback. This pilot is all about learning about how people use and interact with their digital licence. We’re keen to understand customers experience and customers will be asked to share their feedback.

We’re starting with one location so we can listen to customer feedback and refine the process before expanding the trial to other locations.

We’ve chosen Ballarat to trial the new digital driver licence because of the population size and the great mix of businesses and venues.

We’ll be asking Ballarat customers, local retailers, licenced venues, Victoria Police members and other places that use a licence as proof of identity for feedback.

We’ll use feedback and suggestions to make any necessary changes to the digital driver licence before we roll it out more broadly in other parts of Victoria.

The pilot will initially focus on full licence holders.

Yes – plastic licences will still remain. Those without a smartphone will still be able to use a physical copy. We recommend people keep carrying their plastic licence with them during the pilot whilst businesses get used to the digital licence.