Digital Driver Licence Pilot

We’re rolling out digital driver licences across Victoria by 2024. If you live in Ballarat, you can sign up now for the digital driver licence trial. Be the first to get a Victorian driver licence on your phone.

Container Deposit Scheme Victoria

From 1 November 2023, you can exchange eligible drink containers for 10 cents. Together we can make a positive change to our community and our environment.

Find out more at cdsvic.org.au

Free Kinder Victoria

Free Kinder is available for three- and four-year-old children in Victoria at participating services.

Victorian children can get the best start in life and families can save up to $2,500 per year for each child.

Find out more about Free Kinder.

Get a digital Veterans Card - Victoria

The Victorian Government’s new digital Veterans Card gives all past and present Australian Defence Force members living in Victoria access to discounts and benefits worth more than $400.

Digital Working with Children Check Card

It’s easy to store and show your Working With Children Check in your Service Victoria app. Add your digital card today. It’s safer than a physical card. You can't lose it, and it shows the status of your Check in real time.

Apply for Get Active Kids voucher

Get a $200 Get Active Kids voucher to spend on your kids' sport and recreation.

Check if you’re eligible through Service Victoria.

Sign up for the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee

Hundreds of jobs have been added to the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee. Check your eligibility and sign up today.

Free NDIS Worker Screening Check for volunteers

Victorians who need an NDIS Working Screening Check for volunteering can now apply for it without paying any fees through Service Victoria.

Minder's Right

You need a miner’s right if you’re searching for gold, gemstones and other minerals in Victoria.

Get your miner’s right today through Service Victoria.

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