Service Victoria Customer Service Standards

Service Victoria makes it simpler and faster for you to do various State Government transactions online, protects the security of your personal information, and sets a new standard in government customer service.

Our story tells you more about our mission and purpose. 

Our six customer service commitments guide how we work to improve the way you get things done with us.  

We must meet these commitments to make sure your experience is convenient, consistent and secure. For a full list of our services go to  the 'Find services' menu at the top of your screen. 


Our Commitments 


1. Minimise your time and effort 

We help you quickly and easily complete your transactions online 


  • design an experience around what you’ve told us you need and want. 
  • reduce red tape and the effort you need to make. 
  • use clear and simple words most people understand.


2. Integrity 

We build your trust by how we act and what we do 


  • only collect your personal information when really needed. 
  • tell you why we get information from you and how we hold it, before you give it to us. 
  • have legal, privacy and security measures in place, as in our privacy and security policy
  • use leading industry encryption, intrusion detection and other best-practice security measures to keep your personal information private. 
  • make it easy for you to update, fix or delete your data stored by us. 


3. Personalisation 

We give you choice and customise to your needs  


  • let you choose to store your details, so you don’t have to enter the same information each time.
  • make our site work on a range of devices.
  • give you a range of payment methods.
  • test new features with customers so we know what you want, need and expect from us.


4. Expectations 

We’re up front about how we work and make sure it meets your expectations 


  • use familiar and consistent processes, designs and content to save you time and make it easy to transact. 
  • tell you how long we expect things to take. 
  • clearly explain how we’ll protect your personal data, what we’ll do with the information you give us and the steps we will take if we don’t meet your expectations.  


5. Resolution 

We help solve your issues fast and with compassion 


  • make it easy to for you to give feedback and follow up with you if you ask us to.
  • have a complaint handling policy that clearly explains what we’ll do if things go wrong. 


6. Empathy 

We work hard to know your needs and circumstances to best serve you  


  • do research to gain deep knowledge and understand the context of how you interact with government. 
  • use technology that helps you use our services, no matter your skill or where you are. 
  • test our services with people from all walks of life and use analytics and customer insight tools to keep improving our services.